Bay Area bound

A week from today, I’ll begin my career at SF Fire CU. I can’t express how much I’m looking forward to being part of this team – one I’ve long admired from a distance. If I’m a little hard to find over the next week, check any McDonald’s playgrounds between Austin and San Francisco.


Points that might get lost

Robbie got it right: Changes to the member business lending cap. That’s a game changer. A partnership developed between FSCC, CUSC, PSCU, Fidelity, etc that enables all credit unions to become shared branches automatically. That’s a game changer…. Daily life at a credit union isn’t glamorous and fun. It is trying to find a way […]

Not if but when

On Banking Kismet, George highlights Apple’s e-Wallet application patent submission covered on Patently Apple. See the aggregation discussion in part 2 of the story: Types of Accounts: As illustrated by the screen 120, the presently stored accounts may be organized and displayed in accordance with certain categories. For instance, the account information screen 120 may […]

Ten Lessons from Fatherhood

Reading children’s books aloud is therapeutic for one who reads corporate email all day. Giving gifts is so much better than getting gifts ever was. Watch every word you say. And how you say it. Today’s toddler will treat touch interfaces like we treat keyboard and mouse. Exposing a child to exotic foods young makes […]

Lessons not learned

DJ and the Bear has quickly turned into one of my favorite blogs.  As Mark McSpadden would say, it’s a five on the nerd scale (if you remember that, you’ve been around CU blogs for a while). From a great post today called “The Orphan Decade” where DJ discusses lessons that should’ve been learned: Perhaps […]

Re-buying books

Two books I’ve repurchased after losing (don’t ask me how I can lose a book, because it baffles me, too): The first is Jose Saramago’s The Tale of the Unknown Island. If you aren’t familiar with Saramago (don’t worry, he’s sort of obscure here in the US), he’s a Portugese writer who won the Nobel […]

Mint’s dare

Enjoyed this on the Javelin blog today about Mint and their philosophy: [Aaron] Patzer scoffs at notion that financial institutions and online-banking vendors can keep pace with Mint’s innovation, however. “The thing that I always bank on at Mint is that if you are thought leader and everyone is copying you, then you are by […]

Windows, Mac, Linux

I’m running all three at home now. I’m most satisfied with Ubuntu (Jaunty Jackalope). It’s free, fast (running on a seven-year-old machine like a champ), and provides a pretty big sense of accomplishment. Even enjoying the command line. The Mac is still the fave (I like the juicy iMac screen), but it comes with random […]