Trey Reeme


January 2008

Why Thwart Mediocrity?

Last week, Morriss posted an interview with me. Toward the end of our chat, I spoke about this blog’s theme.

I turned in a half-assed homework assignment in the sixth grade. My teacher (more accurately, my mentor) asked me if it was my best effort. It wasn’t even close. She asked me never to show work that was mediocre.

I fear mediocrity because it characterizes the first, second, and third drafts of everything I touch.


401(k) + Debit Card ≠ Peanut Butter + Jelly

Some things just don’t go together.

I’d never heard of this before seeing it on Yahoo! Finance today.

A spokesperson for the company offering a 401(k) debit card offers this, ahem, reasoning:

“…the cards give people a sense of confidence and control, which in turn encourages otherwise reluctant people to participate in retirement programs, knowing that their savings won’t be locked up for decades.”

Um, really? Call me old-fashioned, but the speed bumps hindering access to my retirement savings exist for my own good.

Seven musts for the smart credit union exec in 2008

  1. Spend more time improving your website than preparing your newsletter.
  2. Stop charging fees for coin counters in your branches.
  3. Send an important team member to a BarCampBank.
  4. Sign up for a Wesabe account and see the future of personal finance management.
  5. Get a Zopa CD and see the future of banking.
  6. Buy an iPhone.
  7. Contribute to networks like EverythingCU and Banktastic (I have invites to the latter).

Get Rich Slowly makes Advantis get rich quickly

J.D. asked “Is a 6.25% Checking Account Too Good to be True?”

Advantis Credit Union might not yet realize this, but this single post made yesterday may well prove the most effective marketing tool for the CU in the new year.


Less than 24 hours after being posted, a Google search for “Portland checking” put J.D.’s post at number 8. (Note that I didn’t specify Oregon or Maine.)

For “Portland checking account” it’s number 1.

For “Portland bank checking” it’s number 4.

Touchdown, Advantis. You can’t buy that kind of exposure.

Thousands, including me (and apparently Google), trust J.D.

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