Trey Reeme


June 2008

Moving time again

Today’s my last day in our Lake Jackson office. We’ll have the eCommerce HQ in Austin and I’m going with it. Pretty awesome.

Austin is where we see Ava growing up. That’s the first time we’ve said that about anywhere we’ve lived. Since getting married, we’ve gone from Shreveport to Bossier City to Plano to Indy to Lake Jackson to Austin.

Six moves in six years; three in the past fourteen months.

Moving so often has allowed us to keep the clutter down. We keep the things we need – well for the most part, that is.

Changing topics, Twitter’s down again and I finally have something important to say. “Thank you, Rhapsody. Finally I can listen to Radiohead.”

Changing topics again, I’m in love with my new Flip Video and am sticking with Flickr for everything less than 1:30.


Two weeks a dad

Sunday’s my first Father’s Day – pretty cool.

Flickr has provided my social media fix, although I tweeted the birth.  And Ava’s on TotSpot.

Life’s hectic.  Moving to Austin on the 1st (still with the CU, but we’ll have our eCommerce hq there), and I’m fabsolutely thrilled.

My CUES eBook should come out in a couple of months.

Just wanted to give my two readers (hi mom and dad) a heads up.

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