Trey Reeme


November 2008

So much

Today Ava turns six months old.

So much to be thankful for this amazing Thanksgiving.


“What do we do?”

It must be the first question answered during a website design.

Re: web design, Tesla Motors gets it. Confederate Motor Company doesn’t. Sure, I’d love to park either of those companies’ machines in the garage, but I can’t make it past Confederate’s mission statements to their products.

Ask “What do we do?” before the first wireframe is sketched.  If you can visually explain to a visitor why he should (or shouldn’t) be spending time with you, you win.

For Confederate, the answer to that question shouldn’t be: “Rebel.”  The answer should be: “We build motorcycles.”

You only have a split second.

October in a tweet

One website launch; Young & Free Texas campaign finals (congrats, DeAndre’); gigs in South Dakota, at TCUL Marketing, and SWOMfest ’08.

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