Trey Reeme


March 2009

On the cheap: Under Stair Closet to Playroom

Before our move to Austin last year, we spent a lot of effort decorating our nursery.  In our new house, we decided to convert our under-stair closet into a playroom.

If you’ve got a stairwell with a sharply slanted ceiling, you know what I’m talking about when I say the space as storage is virtually useless. If an item goes in the back, it’s a pain to move everything out to access it.

It’s easily Ava’s favorite place in the world.  At ten months now, she crawls in from our living room and makes all the self-contained mess she can. And when older kids visit, they want to spend all their time in there – it’s like a spacious indoor playhouse.


Our first test

For those of us born in the eighties, fear like we’ve only read about in The Grapes of Wrath surrounds us.

As once-proud corporations daily whimper either out of existence or into the custody of government, fear spreads. Jobs disappear and what we all hoped in September was a “market correction” proves not to be just a market correction.

But this is old news.

For my generation, most life experiences have been set during a period of prosperity rivaled by few societies in history.

Survival in this economy is the first real test of my generation.

This test will change us and our children. We will become harder. Less demanding. More appreciative. Better savers. More patient. More benevolent.

Less spoiled.

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