Trey Reeme


June 2010

I’ve always wondered…

if Walmart succeeded at doing it, how bad would it really be for the consumer?

Hat tip to Colin for his post here.  I remember the protests within the banking industry well.


Points that might get lost

Robbie got it right:

Changes to the member business lending cap. That’s a game changer. A partnership developed between FSCC, CUSC, PSCU, Fidelity, etc that enables all credit unions to become shared branches automatically. That’s a game changer….

Daily life at a credit union isn’t glamorous and fun. It is trying to find a way to help a teller do a process 1 minute faster. It is about finding a better checking product to match up with the maturity of your credit card portfolio.

I hope these points don’t get lost in his post. (BTW, I would argue that daily life on the CU side of the desk is, indeed, fun.)

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