Make tomorrow memorable

I’m guilty of having too few memorable days. You know, those sort of “hey, remember that day I _____?” days that will resurface in my brain next month, next year, or during a round playing golf for life for free at The Villages, Florida’s friendliest hometown. Tomorrow is a to-do list of things I didn’t […]

How much is too much?

Google Reader tells me that “from your 161 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 3,824 items.”  I won’t even estimate how many tweets I’ve read. Time for some spring cleaning on my feeds and on Twitter. And time to start using this blog as a personal creative outlet.  I’ve been talking too much […]

Bracing for Ike

Although we’re a good 150 miles inland here in Austin, Ike is top of mind this morning – particularly because my employer is located in Brazoria County, Texas – where today voluntary and mandatory evac orders were issued.  So I’ll be updating our corporate blog throughout Ike.  Fingers crossed that it somehow fizzles out in the […]

SWOMfest ’08: You should totes come.

I’m a loyal reader of Church of the Customer.  I preordered Citizen Marketers before its release.  So when I saw that Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell were planning the first ever SWOMfest ’08 right here in Austin, I didn’t just want to go, I wanted Young & Free Texas to help sponsor the event. Ben’s post […]

Still obsessed with the Chevy Volt

I’m sitting here watching the Olympics live without using the DVR to skip commercials. And I see the new Volt commercial and it induces chillbumps. After following the product development for many months now, I’m still as excited by the Chevrolet Volt as I was about the Wii before its launch. It’s sexy, it’s fresh, […]

The more I read The Onion,

the more everything looks like a headline from The Onion. Take these stories from today’s CU Times homepage: ‘Extreme Makeover’ House Foreclosed ATM Industry Association CEO Argues That Cash Is Here to Stay Protect Your Members from Sharks, Direct Them to Client-Oriented Advisers