Opportunity wasted

3,383 locations through CUSC. 32,000+ ATMs through AllPoint. Gahhh, why don’t we make this one of our most prominent messages? Perceived lack of access is what holds a lot of people back from viewing credit unions as a viable bank alternative. Another problem:  I have to know zip code and address to find one; puh-lease. […]

Define member

We look out our office window at an Austin Telco FCU branch housed in what was (I’m pretty sure) once a car wash. What if they’d have kept the car wash and gave a free scrubbin’ to members? If I’m a golf club member, I get green fees covered. A Costco member, gas discounts. An […]

Tales… from… Car… Shopping

(Headline to be read in your best Joel McHale voice.) Brad and his family searched for a new car last weekend. Brad went to a car dealership in Humble, Texas and walked the lot with a salesperson. Brad found a car he wanted to test drive. Brad did some research on his BlackBerry during the […]

Free sells

Four years ago my friend Jeremy and his wife came for a visit to Dallas. We both grew up around Shreveport, Louisiana – you know, the town where the actors in that Oliver Stone movie had a fistfight last weekend. Shreveport had no Starbucks at the time of Jeremy’s visit. Thus Jeremy had never gone […]

Moving time again

Today’s my last day in our Lake Jackson office. We’ll have the eCommerce HQ in Austin and I’m going with it. Pretty awesome. Austin is where we see Ava growing up. That’s the first time we’ve said that about anywhere we’ve lived. Since getting married, we’ve gone from Shreveport to Bossier City to Plano to […]

Two weeks a dad

Sunday’s my first Father’s Day – pretty cool. Flickr has provided my social media fix, although I tweeted the birth.  And Ava’s on TotSpot. Life’s hectic.  Moving to Austin on the 1st (still with the CU, but we’ll have our eCommerce hq there), and I’m fabsolutely thrilled. My CUES eBook should come out in a […]

The correction

From the reporter mentioned in my last post: “Egad, That was my error.  I apologize.  I was able to get the original.” No worries to Ron for flaming me – I’m cool because of the friends who got my back.  You all rock. Big news to come from me on the work front soon.  Ginormous […]

Misattributed feelings

I spoke at a presentation for the Texas Credit Union League last month.  CU Times contacted me to do a story on it.  That’s cool. Um, until I read the story yesterday. “Reeme, the former executive vice president of Trabian, a Plano, Tex., marketing agency, also suggested that those 60-plus-year-old directors looking at the industry’s […]


When I picked up the game of golf as a teenager, I cheated. I’d move a ball out of a bad lie. I’d drop without a penalty after plunking one in the drink (losing a ball was penalty enough, right?). I’d call a gimme putt if it were within the length of a club. After […]