On the cheap: Nursery Tree edition

For the last four years I was an entrepreneur; the four before that: a student. Thus I am always looking for cheap cost effective ways to decorate/eat/entertain. It’s a habit that will surely drive my children mad. Speaking of parenting, my wife and I have our first baby on the way. Last week we put […]

Is Super a mediocrity-maker?

Last Friday I went on a branch visit with Brad, our director of branch administration. The farthest branch was a two hour drive away from Lake Jackson, so he had plenty of time to field my complaints about the area. My biggest grumble: “Sure, we have a Target. But it’s not a Super Target.”

Best Blog of 2008 goes to…

The TSA. Yes, that TSA. I’ll go ahead and, as Coach Dennis Green would put it, “crown ’em” the Best Blog of 2008. Sure it’s a little early in the year – ok, it’s a little early in the life of their blog – but here’s why I love it: Posters on this blog have […]

Weekend Disappearances

Each weekend I’m easy to find – just not online. I don’t check email. I don’t sign on to Facebook. I don’t read feeds. I don’t use Twitter. My iPhone transforms into a regular “talk to people the old-fashioned way” phone. My BlackBerry doesn’t even leave its holster. It keeps me sane.

Why Thwart Mediocrity?

Last week, Morriss posted an interview with me. Toward the end of our chat, I spoke about this blog’s theme. I turned in a half-assed homework assignment in the sixth grade. My teacher (more accurately, my mentor) asked me if it was my best effort. It wasn’t even close. She asked me never to show […]

401(k) + Debit Card ≠ Peanut Butter + Jelly

Some things just don’t go together. I’d never heard of this before seeing it on Yahoo! Finance today. A spokesperson for the company offering a 401(k) debit card offers this, ahem, reasoning: “…the cards give people a sense of confidence and control, which in turn encourages otherwise reluctant people to participate in retirement programs, knowing […]