Breaking up is hard to do.

I’m leaving Trabian in less than a week, and I’m overwhelmed cleaning out my digital desk. I won’t bore you with the intricacies of switching from a Mac to a PC… or the differences between Windows Vista Home Basic and any of the 34 other versions I wish I had about right now.

Tougher than all that, Open Source CU won’t be my home anymore. After hundreds of posts and thousands of comments, I’m starting over.


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  1. CU Communicator

    Trey – good to see you launching a blog – I look forward to following what is happening with you and the family in Houston.

    Change can be so positive, so clarifying — and when you get down to it, the chaos of change is really the only constant paradigm.

    I know this intellectually … so why is it so damned to accept?

    Best wishes on this site and your new life. :)

  2. Trey, thanks for the updated contact information; and good luck with your move and new responsibilities.

    Keep in touch!

  3. Hey Trey,

    Love the blog name! Good luck with everything. I’ll be following!

  4. Welcome to the Houston version of winter, Trey. (high of 78 today). I know it was hard to leave but I’m glad to have you local. We’ll be talking. RC

  5. Great to see you using WordPress! And now we get to hear from another CU employee. I am extremely excited about your viewpoints and how they will be formed once you get going in Houston.

  6. Trey – I share your frustration with the OS switch…only the other way around. My try at using an Apple for the first time since the Apple II in 4th grade has been extremely hard on me. CTRL-Click = right-click….who knew? :)

    I look forward to seeing this blog develop.

  7. Your new blog is classy. Enjoy Houston and good luck with your new home. I’ll be following your blog.

  8. Oh boy! I meant good luck with your new job.

  9. Hey Trey,

    Congratulations on your move. I’ve added your new blog to my reader… BTW, could you list my blog in your blogroll, rather than my web site? The blog is


  10. Best wishes in your new venture. A lot of great changes for you this year, congrats!

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