I star and share items in Google Reader. I save links to

I systematically capture but then I fail to remember.

Today, I’m rediscovering ideas buried in my brain. Laughing at the worst ones. Wishing I would’ve acted on the best.

One by one, I’m going through the links, “squeezing the orange” and crafting a plan for how to approach my new job.


2 responses to “Recapture”

  1. Hi Trey, I do the same thing. I was just reviewing my “starred” items in Google Reader. I couldn’t believe that there were 480. I was able to “unstar” quite a few just because they were old news.
    New Years Resolution – avoid star buildup!

  2. Trey and Ginny

    Add me to the team. I feel like there should be some sort of support group for this. My drug of choice is my Google bookmarks in my Firefox toolbar. I have 37 top tier categories. Probably close to a thousand links in there grouped by everything from open source software sites to sites for marketing inspiration to sites relevant to specific businesses.

    I have categories for blog post ideas (one for each blog). Categories for research for my speaking topics. You name it – I have it.

    Wow, this is kinda therapeutic! Even though it is a little embarrassing. It reminds me of the guys who slip and fall and the firefighters show up to find the guy buried under piles of newspapers from the1950’s. Instead of newspapers, I hoard links. I think Google will probably be sending me a bill soon for using up too much of their resources to store my link collections.


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