Seven musts for the smart credit union exec in 2008

  1. Spend more time improving your website than preparing your newsletter.
  2. Stop charging fees for coin counters in your branches.
  3. Send an important team member to a BarCampBank.
  4. Sign up for a Wesabe account and see the future of personal finance management.
  5. Get a Zopa CD and see the future of banking.
  6. Buy an iPhone.
  7. Contribute to networks like EverythingCU and Banktastic (I have invites to the latter).

10 responses to “Seven musts for the smart credit union exec in 2008”

  1. Thank you for your list your list Mr. Reeme,

    1. Our newsletter is the way we communicate with our members. Always have, always will.

    2) Clearly you don’t understand how credit unions work. Coin counters are how we make our money.

    3) I’ve heard of that hippy new agey stuff, but we prefer a more disciplines approach to education.

    4) Too spicy for me.

    5) I don’t need any new-fangled drugs thank you very much.

    6) “I” have a “Phone” already.

    7) My network is at the country club.


    Mr. Smart Credit Union Exec :)

  2. Tim, so sad, but so true.

    I love the position people take where they say “If I havent heard of it then it must not be important”.

    I especially like the banks I talk to who say “Well credit unions aren’t really our competition.” (you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that).

    Anyway, Happy New Year guys!

  3. Yo Trey — I just went to iTunes and couldn’t find the Zopa CD. What label do they record on?

  4. Hey Trey, thanks for the link love. And you don’t need an invite to join If you are a credit union employee, you can join the community. Also, we’re planning to hold another groundbreaking in-person shindig, the third in the Triple-B installment, in 2008. Details on the 2005 Triple-B Portland, and the 2006 Triple-B Baltimore, are here. The 2008 location is a secret…. for now. ;)

  5. Tim’s comment has me rolling…

    Focus on website design is one of my new years resolutions. More and more the front page IS the front line for institutions. Just like you want a friendly face at the teller line, you want a “friendly face” greeting your members at your virtual entrance.

  6. How about adding:

    #8 – Do not fear social media. Get a blog or comment on one. Get a Facebook account. Try to overcome the crushing fear that someone will say something bad about you on your CU’s blog. If you fear it that much, then your service needs a closer look…

  7. Hi Trey,

    Thanks for placing my blog on your site. Could you replace it with my new one. I’m moving on from “marketing to women” to a next level…and have decided to blog on something more closely “industry-related”. I agree with Andrea Learned…”For lack of a better way to put it, let’s consider “marketing to women 2.5” to be the place in time at which we no longer need to go on and on about female consumers as separate from male consumers. Instead, let’s start talking about marketing to everyone’s perhaps more feminine brain traits and how, if we tap and serve those, we are actually just serving the overall highest level of customer expectations (and not “marketing to” anything or anyone”.

  8. I say ditch the coin counter fees and issue me “Linden Dollars” in exchange for my pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters.”


  9. Living in a low tech zone (Canada) we still aren’t able to purchase iPhones. But there are some individuals up here that have garnered one and use it.
    I think #3 and #4 would be my top picks. A BarCampBank would actually change people and Wesabe is what needs to be in every CU manager’s mind in 2008. The two in concert could do a lot to shake up a return to what we are – credit unions.

  10. Trey,

    Don’t know how this got under our radar. (Number 8: Setup an RSS feed to monitor your organization via Google Blog Search. Number 9: Actually follow up on this feed regularly.)

    Thanks for the link love! We are excited to see the conversations that are developing in the Banktastic community and hope that our members are benefiting from them.

    Thanks for being part of our community and sharing it with others!

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