Best Blog of 2008 goes to…

The TSA. Yes, that TSA.

I’ll go ahead and, as Coach Dennis Green would put it, “crown ’em” the Best Blog of 2008. Sure it’s a little early in the year – ok, it’s a little early in the life of their blog – but here’s why I love it:

Posters on this blog have had their first official impact on our operations. That’s right, less than one week since we began the blog and already you’re affecting security in a very positive way….

On Monday afternoon we began receiving questions about airports that were requiring ALL electronics to be removed from carry-on bags (everything, including blackberrys, iPods and even cords). This practice was also mentioned on several other blogs and left us scratching our heads.

So … we checked with our security operations team to figure out what was going on. After some calls to our airports, we learned that this exercise was set up by local TSA offices and was not part of any grand plan across the country. These practices were stopped on Monday afternoon and blackberrys, cords and iPods began to flow through checkpoints like the booze was flowing on Bourbon Street Tuesday night. (Fat Tuesday of course).

The communication style is witty but not forced. It’s not sugarcoated. And many of the comments are scathing … and they’re being allowed.

Very fun to watch.

When will the FCC start its blog?


5 responses to “Best Blog of 2008 goes to…”

  1. Trey, thanks for alerting us to this blog. It is indeed a fascinating case study. I look forward to seeing how the conversation evolves there.

  2. This is so cool! The number of comments is staggering. This goes to prove the power of two-way unfiltered conversation.

  3. Morriss – the use of the term case study is dead on. If TSA can blog and be effective with it, credit unions worried about opening themselves up to criticism will get a good look at how an entity such as TSA (and all the – ahem- baggage that comes with the name) is having success.

    Thanks for sharing this, Trey.

  4. Trey,

    This blog will be just the outlet I need for 2008. As I approach the 1 million mile mark on United Airlines this year, I will try and see my TSA screeners as people….not just people in my way…….

  5. There is a great piece about the blog on NPR (where I first heard about it). If I can find it, I’ll post it here.

    The piece basically talked about how it was just nice for disgruntled customers to finally have a place to communicate with the TSA and vice versa.

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