MacGyverosity through PowerPoint

Well, I don’t know that my speech to Filene’s 30 Under 30 group was interesting, but I’m pleased with the way the PowerPoint itself turned out.

Hope you like it, too.

4 thoughts on “MacGyverosity through PowerPoint

  1. Nice PPT, Trey. Also, congratulations on committing parenthood. Being a dad is simultaneously harder than you ever thought it would be and easier than you ever thought it would be. I say this with the only slightly wavering confidence of a dad who’s raised two girls to adulthood (21 and 19).

    I’ll silently toast your new family’s health and well-being tomorrow night at the Ivory Room.

  2. Trey – I was there and it was cool. Did you do the whole thing via digital camera? I admire it because you could have easily just done some bullets on a PowerPoint…but you weren’t lazy and sexed it up instead. Very cool.

    I dig the jelly beans too for no reason other than they add a little, “Wha? Did he toss them all over while working on his presentation or have a jelly belly party with his interoffice envelopes?”

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