When I picked up the game of golf as a teenager, I cheated. I’d move a ball out of a bad lie. I’d drop without a penalty after plunking one in the drink (losing a ball was penalty enough, right?). I’d call a gimme putt if it were within the length of a club.

After a golf course in college and spending enough time on the course, I stopped cheating at golf. It’s a game that deserves your manners.

In the NFL you never see an O-lineman approach an official and call holding on himself. In golf it’s different.

I’ve heard you can see into someone’s character on the course. I believe it.


One response to “Honor”

  1. I’ve never cheated at golf…one of the major reasons I’ve only broken 100 once in my life. I agree 100% about how the game reveals one’s character – if you lack integrity, your playing partner will be able to immediately tell.

    Here’s to an honest 103! :)

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