Two weeks a dad

Sunday’s my first Father’s Day – pretty cool.

Flickr has provided my social media fix, although I tweeted the birth.  And Ava’s on TotSpot.

Life’s hectic.  Moving to Austin on the 1st (still with the CU, but we’ll have our eCommerce hq there), and I’m fabsolutely thrilled.

My CUES eBook should come out in a couple of months.

Just wanted to give my two readers (hi mom and dad) a heads up.


7 responses to “Two weeks a dad”

  1. Wow, am I your third reader? I feel special.

  2. Reader #5 checking in – I have a friend who lives in Austin and she loves it. Enjoy your new role, Dad.

  3. Reader #6 checking in — Congrats on being dad, and here’s a lesson on speaking austinese: 1) “aggies suck” and 2) “dude, that totally harshes my mellow”. (thx, of course, to Terrell for #2).

  4. Congrats on all fronts. Good luck with the move to Austin!

  5. By my count, reader #8. (and, if you’re an REM fan, driver #8.)

    Austin’s gaining a cool dude, a great family man, and an already seasoned marketing guy. (I made three positive statements because the name “Trey” seems to call for it.)

  6. Trey,
    Glad to see your parenting skills are every increasing. Diapers are just diapers. Missed you at BarCampBankDallas but got to see Brad, Mark, Brent and Charlie. It was great fun being there. Heard from them of your move. Must be the gypsy in you.

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