Are you having fun?

Without fail, my CEO asks me each time I see him, “Are you having fun!?”

Today, our Microsoft Surface developer unit got installed.  We have crazy ideas and we have developers itching to turn those ideas into reality.

I’m having fun.

4 responses to “Are you having fun?”

  1. Travis Carnahan

    Me too! Missed you @ Forum’s Symposium this year (but there were still at of Mac’s there ;-)

  2. Jealous indeed… What do you think the direction is going to be for this product? I can definitively see a future for it for people that don’t do a lot of data entry but I don’t see it getting a big market share in the professional world…

  3. Trey, life is too short to be miserable.

    Rejoicing in your good report on the fun of your work.

    Have a memory making Thanksgiving…and keep creating work worth enjoying,

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