Mint’s dare

Enjoyed this on the Javelin blog today about Mint and their philosophy:

[Aaron] Patzer scoffs at notion that financial institutions and online-banking vendors can keep pace with Mint’s innovation, however. “The thing that I always bank on at Mint is that if you are thought leader and everyone is copying you, then you are by definition ahead of everyone else. And they can only follow so fast…. You can copy one feature of Mint, but you will never be that whole solution.”

Mark points out this, though, which few PFM-lovers discuss:

But more important is the fact that banks and credit unions provide online-banking and bill-pay capabilities that enable customers to monitor AND manage their money.


One response to “Mint’s dare”

  1. Exactly right. Banks and credit unions will ultimately be the best place for PFM because that’s where our money lives and where we can actually transact. Why go someplace else?

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