Re-buying books

Two books I’ve repurchased after losing (don’t ask me how I can lose a book, because it baffles me, too):

The first is Jose Saramago’s The Tale of the Unknown Island. If you aren’t familiar with Saramago (don’t worry, he’s sort of obscure here in the US), he’s a Portugese writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the late nineties. Saramago writes in a stream-of-consciousness style that can be a little laborious of a read, but man, it’s worth sticking to (try my favorite, The Double). For The Tale of the Unknown Island, imagine Plato’s cave – a parable – almost a children’s story; simple but deep. Take an hour and read it and you’ll thank me.

The second is George Leonard’s Mastery. I devoured this first during my Personal MBA run with Matt four years ago.

What Leonard teaches: enjoy the plateau – the flow of practicing a skill – rather than relishing in the short-term satisfaction of a climax.

I get all caught up in the climaxes – the eagle putts of life.

The essence is in the six irons on the driving range and learning to shape the shot.


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  1. (I think I have both of those books. Definitely “Mastery”).

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