Still obsessed with the Chevy Volt

I’m sitting here watching the Olympics live without using the DVR to skip commercials. And I see the new Volt commercial and it induces chillbumps.

After following the product development for many months now, I’m still as excited by the Chevrolet Volt as I was about the Wii before its launch.

It’s sexy, it’s fresh, and it’s going to be just as hard to get.

It’ll be the GM-saver.


6 responses to “Still obsessed with the Chevy Volt”

  1. I want one. But then again I still don’t have :

    A wii
    a flat screen tv
    an iphone

    this is what saving for college does to your toy acquisition. Hey, maybe I can buy it from you second hand!

  2. @winter: as a gadgeteer, I must say I feel sorry for your non-iphonedness. ;)

    But srsly, you need one.

  3. The Volt is cool, but I’d take a Tesla Roadster any day.

  4. @asaunders: True dat, but $100k is … um, yeah.

  5. Glad to hear the Volt gives you chill bumps! There is a great deal of excitement about the Volt here at GM.

    Adam Denison
    GM Social Media Communications
    On Twitter: @GMblogs

  6. @adam: Dang and blast that I had to buy a Prius last week for a social media promo my financial institution is doing. The Volt would’ve been my first choice. Next year…

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