Still obsessed with the Chevy Volt

I’m sitting here watching the Olympics live without using the DVR to skip commercials. And I see the new Volt commercial and it induces chillbumps. After following the product development for many months now, I’m still as excited by the Chevrolet Volt as I was about the Wii before its launch. It’s sexy, it’s fresh, […]


Free sells

Four years ago my friend Jeremy and his wife came for a visit to Dallas. We both grew up around Shreveport, Louisiana – you know, the town where the actors in that Oliver Stone movie had a fistfight last weekend. Shreveport had no Starbucks at the time of Jeremy’s visit. Thus Jeremy had never gone […]

401(k) + Debit Card ≠ Peanut Butter + Jelly

Some things just don’t go together. I’d never heard of this before seeing it on Yahoo! Finance today. A spokesperson for the company offering a 401(k) debit card offers this, ahem, reasoning: “…the cards give people a sense of confidence and control, which in turn encourages otherwise reluctant people to participate in retirement programs, knowing […]