Not if but when

On Banking Kismet, George highlights Apple’s e-Wallet application patent submission covered on Patently Apple.

See the aggregation discussion in part 2 of the story:

Types of Accounts: As illustrated by the screen 120, the presently stored accounts may be organized and displayed in accordance with certain categories. For instance, the account information screen 120 may display a first listing 122 of presently stored credit card accounts, a second listing 124 of presently stored banking accounts, a third listing 126 of presently stored non-cash accounts, as well as additional listings 128 of other accounts, which may include charge cards or loyalty cards associated with a specific vendor or retailer.

I could easily see PFM eventually seamlessly integrated into the payment device itself.  It’s one thing to have PFM tools after a purchase to analyze what you’ve done and to help you make decisions about what to do next in managing your finances.  What happens if that guide is built into the device through which you’re paying?

Regarding the wallet becoming fully digital, it’s not if but when (cliche alert!).

And if not from Apple, who?

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