Points that might get lost

Robbie got it right: Changes to the member business lending cap. That’s a game changer. A partnership developed between FSCC, CUSC, PSCU, Fidelity, etc that enables all credit unions to become shared branches automatically. That’s a game changer…. Daily life at a credit union isn’t glamorous and fun. It is trying to find a way […]


Not if but when

On Banking Kismet, George highlights Apple’s e-Wallet application patent submission covered on Patently Apple. See the aggregation discussion in part 2 of the story: Types of Accounts: As illustrated by the screen 120, the presently stored accounts may be organized and displayed in accordance with certain categories. For instance, the account information screen 120 may […]

Lessons not learned

DJ and the Bear has quickly turned into one of my favorite blogs.  As Mark McSpadden would say, it’s a five on the nerd scale (if you remember that, you’ve been around CU blogs for a while). From a great post today called “The Orphan Decade” where DJ discusses lessons that should’ve been learned: Perhaps […]