Get Rich Slowly makes Advantis get rich quickly

J.D. asked “Is a 6.25% Checking Account Too Good to be True?”

Advantis Credit Union might not yet realize this, but this single post made yesterday may well prove the most effective marketing tool for the CU in the new year.


Less than 24 hours after being posted, a Google search for “Portland checking” put J.D.’s post at number 8. (Note that I didn’t specify Oregon or Maine.)

For “Portland checking account” it’s number 1.

For “Portland bank checking” it’s number 4.

Touchdown, Advantis. You can’t buy that kind of exposure.

Thousands, including me (and apparently Google), trust J.D.


4 responses to “Get Rich Slowly makes Advantis get rich quickly”

  1. Very Nice!

    I subscribe to GRS and this was a very good way to get credibility with google quickly. By getting established and well trafficed sites to refer to your products or services, not only do you get the web traffic, but it increases your google relevence.

    I wonder if this was a paid review or not – any ideas?

  2. Hmmm – good question. I believe JD would’ve disclosed if it were a paid review – or even if they’d approached him and asked him for a non-paid review of it.

  3. CU Communicator

    Trey –

    Awesome result! What’s striking in reading the comments is how much skepticism there is about the account.

    That’s healthy in one way, but I view it as a means of having a high yield on a liquid asset (CD rates without the restrictions).

    But you’re right – if this one post gets people to kick the tires on the Advantis account, it’ll be a home run for the CU.

  4. I was a little shocked by the skepticism as well. Great press though. And I’ve ready GRS for a while and JD wouldn’t take a paid review like that. And if by some stretch he did, he would have said so.

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