Social Media Best Practice: Real world first

If you’re not first doing something compelling in the real world, don’t bother getting into social media. Why? Social media simply extends conversations that should be¬†happening “off the grid.” ¬†If nobody talks about you with their mouth, don’t expect Google to love you. Old-mentality marketers wanting to jump on the bandwagon focus too much on […]

Marketing, schmarketing: I’m immune.

Today, Seth Godin called into question State Farm’s promotion of MLB’s Home Run Derby: Promotions work when they’re seen as generous or unique or tied into our needs and dreams. They also work as brand builders when they’re so ubiquitous we associate the brand with the event itself. But if I had written “Allstate” instead […]

Define member

We look out our office window at an Austin Telco FCU branch housed in what was (I’m pretty sure) once a car wash. What if they’d have kept the car wash and gave a free scrubbin’ to members? If I’m a golf club member, I get green fees covered. A Costco member, gas discounts. An […]

Tales… from… Car… Shopping

(Headline to be read in your best Joel McHale voice.) Brad and his family searched for a new car last weekend. Brad went to a car dealership in Humble, Texas and walked the lot with a salesperson. Brad found a car he wanted to test drive. Brad did some research on his BlackBerry during the […]

Is Super a mediocrity-maker?

Last Friday I went on a branch visit with Brad, our director of branch administration. The farthest branch was a two hour drive away from Lake Jackson, so he had plenty of time to field my complaints about the area. My biggest grumble: “Sure, we have a Target. But it’s not a Super Target.”

Bank is a verb, not a place.

While I wait for the start of the SEC Championship, my wife forces a trade: future sportszombie time for current husbandnerdout time. At her request, I’m watching the Travel Channel (or is it HGTV?). A new BofA commercial comes on (no, we don’t have TiVo yet. I know, I know…). Voiceover talks about mobile banking […]