Rant #2 for the day: Who’s Who in America’s CUs

I absolutely do not care who is in the Who’s Who in America’s CUs.

8,811 inductees, and I’ve actually seen trade press coverage on this? Come on.

Someone needs to say it, and I guess it’s going to be me. That is all.

2 responses to “Rant #2 for the day: Who’s Who in America’s CUs”

  1. I could be wrong, but unfortunately, the Who’s Who franchise has become perverted from the original intent of the name. It was originally an operation of the highest standards, but once they (or perhaps an less scrupulous copy cat organization?) discovered that they could charge people money for inclusion errrrrrrrr, a copy of the final published book and assorted certificates and trophies, they branched out to these sorts of things which are only a tiny notch above spam, and pretty nearly the same as vanity publishers. In perusing their site, I see that it’s backed by the former chairperson of the NCUA. I wonder how much he’s being paid for his support of this endeavor.

    I hope my assessment is incorrect, but I see no published standard for inclusion.

  2. Thanks for saying this. It reminds me of the Who’s Who books they used to sell in high school. Everybody got in. The people who made the books made a lot of money by selling egos. The end.

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