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Interviewed by currencytim; lots of road noise

Last month, my good friend Tim McAlpine flew down to Austin to take a roadtrip with me to surprise DeAndre with his new job, gear, and Prius.  En route to Waco, Tim flipped his recorder on… twice.  We thankfully got the second take.

If you want to hear me say some pretty off-the-wall stuff including yelling at a reckless driver at the Flying J truckstop, give this podcast a listen.


Rant #2 for the day: Who’s Who in America’s CUs

I absolutely do not care who is in the Who’s Who in America’s CUs.

8,811 inductees, and I’ve actually seen trade press coverage on this? Come on.

Someone needs to say it, and I guess it’s going to be me. That is all.

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