Social Media Best Practice: Real world first

If you’re not first doing something compelling in the real world, don’t bother getting into social media.

Why? Social media simply extends conversations that should be happening “off the grid.”  If nobody talks about you with their mouth, don’t expect Google to love you.

Old-mentality marketers wanting to jump on the bandwagon focus too much on the “media” and not enough on the “social.”


3 responses to “Social Media Best Practice: Real world first”

  1. I feel you, Trey. But are you really sure you don’t want a post about how we’re changing up our accounting system? It’s pretty interesting …

  2. I’m very interested in accounting.

    Okay, maybe not.

    How does this explain Perez Hilton?

  3. Exceptions include that guy. Speaking more about companies than internet celebrities…

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