Tales… from… Car… Shopping

(Headline to be read in your best Joel McHale voice.)

Brad and his family searched for a new car last weekend.

Brad went to a car dealership in Humble, Texas and walked the lot with a salesperson.

Brad found a car he wanted to test drive.

Brad did some research on his BlackBerry during the test drive.

Brad decided not to buy the car.

Car salesperson to Brad as he was informed of Brad’s decision not to buy: “Thanks for wasting two hours of my time.”

If you’re in sales, a final walk-away “no” doesn’t mean a prospect won’t come back.  Sometimes it pays to let them go.

I encountered a pushy salesperson last week from a company I had wanted to do business with – the timing just wasn’t right for us to buy. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, tried unsuccessfully to go over my head and ruined our relationship before we could build it.


3 thoughts on “Tales… from… Car… Shopping

  1. Yikes!

    Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if we were to all carry small caliber firearms. Then, when an obvious evil mutant alien such as the car salesperson above makes himself known, someone could just take him out then and there, and thereby make the world a more civilized place.

    I would think my idea would fly in Texas, at least.

    (Note: my entire comment is meant as 100% Friday frippery. Contains no healthful or helpful content whatsoever and should not be taken as my true opinion about anything. Except perhaps by evil mutant aliens.)

  2. In case you would like to steer clear of a similar experience then pass on Robbins Chevrolet in Humble Texas.

    When told that we wasted the car salesmans (Matrix)time I expected some resolution from management. What we received instead was justification for Matrix’ actions.

    Done with Robbins Chevrolet!

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