Opportunity wasted

3,383 locations through CUSC. 32,000+ ATMs through AllPoint. Gahhh, why don’t we make this one of our most prominent messages? Perceived lack of access is what holds a lot of people back from viewing credit unions as a viable bank alternative. Another problem:  I have to know zip code and address to find one; puh-lease. […]


Tales… from… Car… Shopping

(Headline to be read in your best Joel McHale voice.) Brad and his family searched for a new car last weekend. Brad went to a car dealership in Humble, Texas and walked the lot with a salesperson. Brad found a car he wanted to test drive. Brad did some research on his BlackBerry during the […]

Misattributed feelings

I spoke at a presentation for the Texas Credit Union League last month.  CU Times contacted me to do a story on it.  That’s cool. Um, until I read the story yesterday. “Reeme, the former executive vice president of Trabian, a Plano, Tex., marketing agency, also suggested that those 60-plus-year-old directors looking at the industry’s […]

Is Super a mediocrity-maker?

Last Friday I went on a branch visit with Brad, our director of branch administration. The farthest branch was a two hour drive away from Lake Jackson, so he had plenty of time to field my complaints about the area. My biggest grumble: “Sure, we have a Target. But it’s not a Super Target.”

401(k) + Debit Card ≠ Peanut Butter + Jelly

Some things just don’t go together. I’d never heard of this before seeing it on Yahoo! Finance today. A spokesperson for the company offering a 401(k) debit card offers this, ahem, reasoning: “…the cards give people a sense of confidence and control, which in turn encourages otherwise reluctant people to participate in retirement programs, knowing […]