Best Blog of 2008 goes to…

The TSA. Yes, that TSA. I’ll go ahead and, as Coach Dennis Green would put it, “crown ’em” the Best Blog of 2008. Sure it’s a little early in the year – ok, it’s a little early in the life of their blog – but here’s why I love it: Posters on this blog have […]

Weekend Disappearances

Each weekend I’m easy to find – just not online. I don’t check email. I don’t sign on to Facebook. I don’t read feeds. I don’t use Twitter. My iPhone transforms into a regular “talk to people the old-fashioned way” phone. My BlackBerry doesn’t even leave its holster. It keeps me sane.

Why Thwart Mediocrity?

Last week, Morriss posted an interview with me. Toward the end of our chat, I spoke about this blog’s theme. I turned in a half-assed homework assignment in the sixth grade. My teacher (more accurately, my mentor) asked me if it was my best effort. It wasn’t even close. She asked me never to show […]


I star and share items in Google Reader. I save links to I systematically capture but then I fail to remember. Today, I’m rediscovering ideas buried in my brain. Laughing at the worst ones. Wishing I would’ve acted on the best. One by one, I’m going through the links, “squeezing the orange” and crafting […]

Breaking up is hard to do.

I’m leaving Trabian in less than a week, and I’m overwhelmed cleaning out my digital desk. I won’t bore you with the intricacies of switching from a Mac to a PC… or the differences between Windows Vista Home Basic and any of the 34 other versions I wish I had about right now. Tougher than […]